International President's Message.


Welcome to the Institute of Hospitality Management Ireland!
The Institute works with a range of vocational training partners to bring people and organisations within the industry together to promote collective action for sustained industry growth in terms of producing high quality and well-trained people to work in the industry to deliver the level of service essential to drive the industry forward.
Despite the downturn in the international economic scene the hospitality industry remains at as one of the main industries to forefront of both national wealth and job creation. The hospitality industry alone employs 1 in every 10 people. Countries like India and China are experiencing substantial growth and improved standards of living. Change is taking place rapidly and right before our eyes. Hi-tech communications systems and low-cost flights are rapidly making the more exotic destinations easier to access.


With travel and tourism becoming available to more of the world's population the demand for well trained and people in hospitality is exploding. The industry is looking for smart, dedicated people to help lead their growth in this booming environment. The tourism and hospitality industry today is increasingly becoming more complex, volatile and competitive. Today’s consumers are much more experienced in tourism and hospitality services and they are more demanding than ever before. These consumers are seeking high quality of experiences and greater value the money. As a result, only those businesses creating and delivering high quality services will satisfy and succeed in this highly competitive environment.


The growth of the industry has opened up many job opportunities . The nature of tourism has developed away from traditional sunshine sand and sea holidays to a wide range of new activities such as cultural tourism, adventure tourism, sports, spa and leisure activities student tourism and eco-tourism.



Since it is a people and service oriented industry, students considering these careers should have a real liking to work with people.  The qualification is portable. Many organisations have operations in several geographical locations hence people in the industry are can work in hospitality in virtually any desired location globally.

These are experiencing a shortage of high calibre professionals who have the right combination of skills and knowledge and the desire to deliver the best customer experience.  Indeed the demand for the managers is set to increase as one in five for every new job created.
At the Institute of Hospitality Management Ireland we are partnered with a growing number of  excellent academic and vocational partners within the expertise in the industry.  The combination of study and placement in industry means that you will be equipped with the vocational training and skills that industry requires as a result you could quickly progress to a management position receiving an top class salary and benefits.

From the desk of,
International President of the Institute of Hospitality Management Ireland (IHMI).