Program Overview

The Executive Certificate in Housekeeping Operations is validated by the Center for Skills Development, Institute of Hospitality Management Ireland The program is a Competency based professional program where participants who complete the program could further into the Executive Diploma in offered by IHMI or its collaborative Universities

Program Objectives

  • Explain the various equipments and service methods practiced in the Housekeeping  Operations
  • Understand the basic elements of Housekeeping Operations

Program Information

Program Validation: Institute of Hospitality Management Ireland
Program Duration: 3 months

Program Modules

  1. Module 1: Principles of Housekeeping Operations
  2. Module 2: Understanding Housekeeping Operations
  3. Module 3: Understanding Floor Linens
  4. Module 4: Understanding Public Area
  5. Module 5: understanding Guest Room Cleaning 
  6. Module 6: Housekeeping Operational English

Module Hours: Each Module is 16 hours
Practical Hours: 32 hours per week
Program Methodology: Participative lecturers / discussions, Case Studies & Presentation

Program Grading Method 

  1. Quizzes – 20%
  2. Final Examination – 30%
  3. Practical Assessment – 50%

Program Tutors

All Modules will be taught and facilitated by very experience Resource personnel who have gained considerable experience in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry.

Program Highlights

Upon Completion of the programs students could;

  1. IHMI Academy would seek 2 job interviews (Guaranteed Interview Sessions)
  2. Qualify for IHMI membership
  3. Further Into Executive Diploma

Program Admission Requirements

  1. Completed SPM or PMR or
  2. Must have 6 months working experience in the Hospitality Industry

    * For further Information, please contact us.