History of the Institute of Hospitality Management Ireland.


Prior to 1967, there were two voluntary societies in the catering industry - The Hostelry and Innkeepers Society (HIS) founded in 1891 and the Hotel and Restaurant Management Association (HRMA) founded in 1945. The HIS's membership was predominantly drawn from the non management sector of the industry while the HRMA's were largely drawn from middle management level and was mainly used as a discussion group. The membership of both these organisations was decimated in the emigration of the 1950’s. Then in 1967 the Hospitality Association was formed from a nucleus of both bodies and was directed towards encouraging members to undertake courses to improve their professional standards.


In 1998 the Hospitality Association gave way to The Institute of Hospitality Management which was originally a private members association. In 2005 it was formally incorporated and reconstituted. The Institute of Hospitality Management represents Professional Managers in all sectors of the Tourism, Hospitality and associated industries such as  hotels, contract catering, restaurants, pubs and clubs, as well as leisure outlets, theme parks, sports venues, airlines, airports, eco tourism, hospitality logistics, hospitality education and training, and the travel industry.


The Institute of Hospitality Management Industry exists to enhance the careers and standing of individuals in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry. It works closely with all hospitality, leisure and tourism agencies, education and awarding bodies, and government departments, providing an interface between education and industry. 


Being a recognised and authoritative international body in the field of accreditation for hospitality, leisure and tourism programmes of learning, IHMI focuses on Competency – Based Education and Learning (CBE/L) principles in the skills training systems.



It is sometimes referred to as technical education, as the learner directly develops expertise in a particular group of techniques or technology.