Executive Certificate in Front Office Operations

Program Overview

The Executive Certificate in Front Office Operations is validated by the Center for Skills Development, Institute of Hospitality Management Ireland The program is a Competency based professional program where participants who complete the program could further into the Executive Diploma offered by IHMI or its collaborative Universities

Program Objectives

  • Explain the various equipments and service methods practiced in the Front Office Operations
  • Understand the basic elements of Front Office Operations

Program Information

  • Program Validation: Institute of Hospitality Management Ireland
  • Program Duration: 3 months

Program Modules

  1. Module 1: Understanding Front Office Operations
  2. Module 2: Understanding Reservations
  3. Module 3: Understanding Registrations
  4. Module 4: Reception Operations
  5. Module 5: Customer Service 
  6. Module 6: Front Office English
  7. Module Hours: Each Module is 16 hours
  8. Practical Hours: 32 hours per week

Program Methodology: Participative lecturers / discussions, Case Studies & Presentation

Program Grading Method

  1. Quizzes – 20%
  2. Final Examination – 30%
  3. Practical Assessment – 50%

Program Tutors

All Modules will be taught and facilitated by very experience Resource personnel who have gained considerable experience in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry.

Program Highlights

Upon Completion of the programs students could;

  1. IHMI Academy would seek 2 job interviews (Guaranteed Interview Sessions)
  2. Qualify for IHMI membership
  3. Further Into Executive Diploma

Program Admission Requirements

  1. Completed SPM or PMR or
  2. Must have 6 months working experience in the Hospitality Industry

    * For further Information, please contact us.